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  • We have the best products and offer the best value…by far (Buyer's Tool)
  • We’re a truly local and independent small business (proud member of the Louisville Independent Business Alliance).
  • We give outstanding service (check out our Angie’s List ratings and our testimonials!)
  • We don’t just hire anybody! (Meet our employees)
  • Our collars are rechargeable and will save you HUNDREDS per dog! (Battery Factor)
  • If you like getting the best price (over the phone) without haggling (502-314-7398).

Why Choose Somebody Else?

  • If you want a large multi-national company and don’t mind paying a premium for their name recognition.
  • If you don’t plan on keeping your dog long. (We are usually, but not always, the cheapest for the initial installation price. You might be able to save a little bit today if you only think you will need to buy batteries for a year or two).
  • If you think it is unlikely you, your landscaper, or the utility companies will ever break your wire. (One of our cheaper competitors is not typically available for service calls. Other competitors don’t match our line break guarantee.)
  • If you like the game of price negotiations and have the time to set an appointment in your home for a visit with a professional salesperson. (we give our best price over the phone).

Please contact us for more information or a no-cost consultation!

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